About Proprietor  Prem Kumar  S

I am so glad to be in the Profession of enabling Pest-Free Lives for Citizens.

Coming from a strong Entomology background, I got into this business of managing pests for industrial and residential projects so that they live pest free and at the same time ensuring species co-exist amicably in the environment. 

​​​​​​​We are front line service providers, So Book the services Now.

My Services
Pest Control services

We are service-oriented. We are backed by scientific research. We are beneficial. We care for your Health and Wealth.

Pest Control Products

We are also one of the best Pest Control Products dealers in Chennai. Ask your Pest Management Product Needs with us,

ViRus Disinfestation service

 During the pandemic situation, we are Dis nfectant your premises with eco friendly products.

Dis infectant proDucts

  Our company also deals with all kind of sprayers, sanitizers, Mask, PPEs, Floor Dis infectant, and etc available @ dealers price.

Our ServicesBbrief 
Anti-termite Treatment
Rodent Management
Fogging Service
Dis infestation Treatment
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Mobile:+91 9941916916
Address: #24, Ground & First Floor, Damodaran Street, T.Nagar Chennai -600017
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