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Hi my self is S.C.Subin Frady over all 19 years of experience in the Construction industries. Various Reputed Organizations Worked in my careers Various types of projects Handled.  Likes Villas, Bunglows, Residential Appartments,  Commercial Buildings,  IT park, Mall, School Project and High Rise buildings handled. So I have well and good knowledge in the Construction industries.
I Am the Registered Engineer In GCCL

SPVA Homes started at 2018 in our Native kannyakumari district  now We are doing the Projects Chennai, Tirunelveli, kannyakumari, Tenkasi ,Trivandrum, Areas. We are Ready to construct in your dream Home as per fully Vaasthu.   Once before Construct to start the work The building plan first  finalizing as per client requirements and satisfaction fully customizable in the Plan. Before start the work. Once finalize the drawing Then immediately to start  the project because avoid of the Rework. Once started the project we will guarantee assured Prompting  date will delivery of the good PRODUCT In your satisfaction. 

 SPVA Homes is a building construction company in all types of Residential ,Commercial, Villas, Housing projects, Warehouses, Bunglows, and Industrial projects we are taking the projects and completeing as per your expectations we will definitely delivered in your satisfaction.

Our Company JMD​​​​​​​
 Er. Libin. DCE.
​​​​​​​Email:    libin.spva@gmail.com.

Mobile: 9003134938

 Scope of workS 
♦Designing All Types Of Buildings. 
♦All types Of Interior. 
♦Drawing preparation and construction in client satisfaction. 
♦On time Delivery of good product.

♦Real Estate.

My Services
 Civil construction 

Civil construction falls In the category of civil engineering which is all about Designing Construction and Maintaining the Physical and Naturally Built environmental.


Construction related working drawing is the general term used for drawings.  These drawings once Making our side will discuss the customer's.  Then any changes asking the customer side  will do the corrections .In customer side end of satisfaction will do it.  Once all corrections completed.  Then we will start the process immediately.  Because avoiding of customers side quarries. End of delivery time customers will automatically will happily to taken the keys. 
This is our company proceedure.

 Designing and construction  ALL TYPES OF Buildings.  

Construction is a general terms meaning the art and science to form objects, systems.
1, Indegual Home.
3,Residential Appartments.
4,Form house.
5,Kerla type house .
6, Bunglow.
7,Housing projects.
8,Comercial Buildings.
9, Industrial projects. 

Above all types of buildings We create the drawings and construction as per clients requirements.


Any construction work we will do the best quality, Prompting delivery date, Maintain the Nature environmental like trees. Etc...Customer side will happy  feel till the end of project. Because in our side supporting is very patience maintaining assured and no hidden works. 

 All types Of InteriorS 

"Interior design is the total creative solution for a programmed interior"
Interior design concerns itself with more than just the visual or ambient enhancement of an interior space, it 

1,All types of interiors 
2,All types of kitchen interiors. 
3,Fall ceiling as per client requirements.
4,All type of Cub-boards.
5,Ceiling 3d lights painting.
6,Wall paper. Fixing....etc....


Its concerned with the design, planning in the building aestheticlook. 
2,Flower plants. 
3,Grass laying. 
4,Fountain view creating. 
5,Falls view making. 
Above we will do the as per client Requirements. In our constructed buildings.


Real estate is property consisting of Land and the Buildings. 

​​​​​​​We will also doing as per clients requiments  Flats, Plots, Villas, Bunglows, Land buying and selling we will arrange it. In Chennai, kannyakumari, Tirunelveli, Areas. 

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Email: fredy.subin@gmail.com
Mobile:+91 9994830653
Address: CHENNAI
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